Amazon Primed: 'Golden Cross' Stock Pattern Forms, Israel Moves, Amazon Freight Launches

PARIS, FRANCE – SEP 28, 2018: Directly above view of New Amazon Cardboard box against yellow background. Amazon Prime is the online paid subscription service offered by web-commerce site


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Warren Buffet’s company buying Amazon stock wasn’t the only thing that sent money-folks tongues wagging this week. Yahoo! Finance noticed that a ‘Golden Cross’ pattern has formed. After seven weeks of upward momentum, something Amazon has not seen in decades, the stock could be set for further momentum…or a drop. It’s the stock market after all.

Used by technicians, a golden cross is when the stock’s short-term moving average, such as the 50-day, crosses above its longer-term moving average like the widely followed 200-day moving average. This is typically seen as a bullish indicator since there’s demand to the upside, which in turn could be an indication that investors believe the stock is poised to break out.

Freightwaves broke the news that Amazon Freight is now accepting customers as it pushed live and began undercutting prices from 26% to 33%. Freightwaves believes the move is to lower Q4 costs but also to reduce reliance on trucking in the piece:

Amazon already moves an enormous amount of freight through its distribution and sortation centers and has an extensive network of trucking carriers. For many industry observers, it was only a matter of time before Amazon leveraged the implicit network effect — the total number of shippers and carriers who do business with Amazon — and connected both sides of its business.

Part of this business may be to hedge against the volatile price of trucking capacity: by building a large freight brokerage business, AMZN is turning part of its cost into revenue. After all, Amazon is already a top ten international freight forwarder for Asian ocean freight inbound to North America.

Amazon launch in Israel caused up to a double-digit drop in stock prices for other large retailers in the area. Local retailers can now use Amazon services to fulfil orders and deliver goods. According to the letter sent to retailers in Israel, customers outside of the United States will be able to buy goods from Israeli sellers when they enable local delivery. A nice shiny carrot. Reuters has the full story:

There has been widespread speculation in Israel’s media that Amazon plans to expand further into the country by opening a local fulfillment center since many Israelis already order from Amazon’s sites in the United States, Britain and Germany.

With the cost of living high, sites such as Amazon have become increasingly popular in Israel since orders below $75 are exempt from taxes, while orders up to $500 are free from customs taxes.

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